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To access the full capabilities of GALA you need to use the Chrome browser, allow the system to open windows automatically and use a microphone.

GALA currently runs on devices running Windows, Android or Linux


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Gala is a virtual voice assistant.

She simulates live dialogue, recognizes natural speech, and answers questions.

Gala is an information system for a site, solves daily tasks of searching for information on the Internet, etc.

She acts as a virtual assistant to service the chatbot system as well as the telephone line.

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Voice interfaces are advancing at an exponential rate in all types of industries, ranging from healthcare, banking, education, contact centers, e-commerce, hospitality, tourism, administration, etc.

With Gala AI, you can launch your own voice technology integrations to keep up with consumer demand


Voice bot for online stores

She is in charge of the store, gives product advice, places orders, collects data on the delivery of goods, organizes the delivery, transfers the chat to the operator

She can maintain accounting, manage warehouse.

She communicates with customers and employees in real time

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